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The Procedure

het verhuur proces

You have read about what Renthouse can do as your partner to help you achieve the optimal rental of your property.
But it is also important to know what guidelines you need to follow as Landlord, to make a success of your leasing.



Renthouse has a strict policy on how we expect both the landlord and tenant to behave.
Because we recognise it to be in everyone’s best interest that all parties are treated decently, we ask you to consider the rules of conduct for landlords prior to the letting of your property.



It is important to remember that before you can go ahead with the letting of your property, you do need permission from various parties.

These could be namely the VVE (association of owners), your mortgage provider and in the case that you have a mortgage attached to a Municipal Guarantee or if there was a subsidised purchase, also the local council.

Of course there is also the ‘Points System’ in the Netherlands and you should take extra care here. 

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Renthouse  conducts negotations based on the code of conduct and Standard Tenancy Agreement as proscribed by the Vereneging Verhuurmakelaars Amsterdam (Association of Amsterdam Rental Agents). We are also bound by those standard General Conditions.

At the moment that a candidate expresses a serious interest in renting out your property, we set out the whole list of conditions in writing by email and call you to inform you and discuss the package.

Should the tenancy agreement come to stand in the name of the company itself, it is of course also reasonable to expect that it is specified in the contract the names of those people verified to live at the address.

It may also be a good idea at the stage where the agreement has been made in principle, to take the chance to meet the candidate in person, where Renthouse can of course also be present. Our experience shows that this gives a feeling of security to both sides, if you can meet in the flesh.


Rental Agreement

Our standard tenancy agreement is a legal document, spcifically drawn up and verified by lawyers for the aim of renting to expatriates.

It is therefore expected from all parties that the contractual obligations are followed in full and fulfilled in the correct manner.

It is of course impossible to include in one document all the situations which can occur between landlord and tenant.

That is why it is fundamental that all parties intend to abide by the spirit of the agreement.



Once there is a consensus, or verbal agreeement, we send written confirmation to both parties including again all the agreed conditions of the proposed tenancy.
On behalf of you the landlord we perform a thorough screening of the candidate using both the provided documentation from their side as well as checks with and on the company professed to employ the candidate.
We also check with you that we have received from you all the details we require for the contract, such as whose name must be specified and your bank account details into which you want the monthly rent transferred.
Bear in mind that the property should be delivered during the key handover according to the agreed conditions; for instance it is always specified that a property should be thoroughly clean prior to a new occupancy.


Check In

After the tenancy agreement has been signed by both parties and the first due payment of rent plus deposit has been verified as received by Renthouse, we arrange together the appointment for the check-in.
This is the moment, actually the first day of the new tenancy, when the new tenant receives his or keys and can move in.
Unless you have chosen for the Property Management package from Renthouse Vastgoed it is very important that you are also present. There is always the need to explain how various appliances work and where the instruction manuals are kept.
A Renthouse consultant will always be present to draw up the delivery report. The information contained in this report is to be used in conjunction with the photos taken during the check in. The written report conveys the general condition of the property whilst the photos show the specific condition. During the checkout at the end of the tenancy then both the signed report is to be used alongside the photos.
During this time we also take the meter readings and on behalf of yourself Renthouse will register the new tenant for gas, water and electricity. This way you as landlord have the peace of mind of knowing it has been done.


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