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What is the difference between short stay and vacation rental?

What is the difference between short stay and vacation rental?

The definition below comes from the City of Amsterdam council and is a translation from the dutch:

For short stay a permit is required from the City of Amsterdam. For vacation (holiday home) rental this is not the case. You have to of course keep to the rules set by the City.

With short stay you as landlord do not live in the property. Whereas for vacation rental you DO live at the address. Moreover, you must be registered as living at the address in the 'Basisregistratie Personen (BRP)' in the council register.

With short stay a property may only be rented for periods of minimum 7 nights to a maximum of 6 months, and your tenants are then either tourists or expats. Vacation or holiday home rental is not allowed to be your main source of income.

Short stay rental is defined as being no shorter than 7 nights, whereas the rental period for holiday home rental may indeed by shorter than this 7 nights period.

Be Aware: Vacation or holiday home rental is not the same as Bed & Breakfast (B & B).  In a B & B you offer lodgings and breakfast in the same area of the property in which you yourself live.

Be also aware that in certain areas of Amsterdam, for instance Old South, it is no longer possible to obtain a permit for short stay as the council has reached the limit of the permits it is willing to grant.

You can access the original article in dutch at the source link below.

Source: City of Amsterdam


Short stay and vacation (holiday home) rental is not a section of the rental market we at Renthouse Vastgoed are involved in.  We are specialists in longer term rental, i.e. from 12 months and upwards, and then to expats working for International Companies.

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