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Definitive energy label now compulsory

From last 1 January 2015, a definitive energy label is compulsory when you rent out (or sell) your property.

Non-compliance with this ruling can potentially mean a fine of up to € 405 and can also mean your tenant has the right to pay  a lower rent.

All private property owners who do not have an energy label will receive in the post a ‘provisional energy label’ from the government.  This is an estimation of the energy label for the property based on publicly known details such as the the type of property and the year of construction as well as the details in the Kadaster (Land Registry).

When a property owner wants to rent out (or sell) a property, this provisional label is not valid.

How does one acquire a definitive label?

The owner must log in with their DigiD at www.energielabelvoorwoningen.nl or via www.rvo.nl or https://www.energievergelijk.nl/onderwerpen/energielabel. First then check all the details upon which the provisional label is based, and then request a definitive energy label from a certified bureau (see the list on the website of the RVO).  If the details are not correct or are incomplete, then these can be edited using the required digital proof of identity and sent to the certified bureau. That bureau will then check the details ‘from a distance’ and give approval of the definitive label. It can also be very much in the landlord’s interest of course to have the expert come to the property in person and draw up the label there, as well as a Points Count and Advice document on how more points/better label could be achieved.

From 1 January 2015 onwards the ‘Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport’ checks and oversees that sellers and landlords hand over this definitive energy label.

The seller or landlord risks a fine of up to € 405 if he or she does not deliver a definitive energy label at the moment the property is delivered.

The procurement of an energy label has been made simpler, and means a seller/landlord can obtain the label quickly and easily online, and of course if you have the label drawn up from distance then it should be cheaper than if the expert visits the property.

What does this mean for your publications via Renthouse Real Estate?

Also new per 2015 is the obligation to register the energy class in all advertisements. This applies to advertisements on rental websites and printed media.

The Rental Agency can also receive heavy sanctions where advertisements do not carry this information. This then applies of course not only to our Renthouse website but also Pararius and Funda.

Also as per 1 January 2015 all energy labels both provisional and definitive are publicly visible at energielabel-checker.rvo.nl/

Again: per 1 January 2015 it is compulsory to deliver a definitive energy label with all new rentals.

Associated Topics

NEN 2580 Measurements Standard
It is also already known that for advertisements which mention a living space ‘m2’, this m2 should be according to the standard NEN 2580. Jurisprudence has shown that if one registers an incorrect i.e. too high, m2 for the property, then when the property is rented a judge could order a fine and a lowering of the rent.

At the following link, unfortunately only available in Dutch, you can read more about the NEN standard. As it can be quite complex and the potential pitfalls quite high, we advise you to have a certified expert draw up the points using NEN.

Free Sector Rental Properties

The points system, the rental prices law and the maximum rental increase do not apply to free sector rental properties and the landlord is free to set his own price.

An official points count enables you to avoid the tenant going to the ‘Huurcommissie’ and complaining that they pay too much rent; which can lead to a lowering of the rental price.

A certified expert can assist and advise you how you could achieve more points by specific improvements to the property, whereby you can bring your property above the 146 points minimum for the free sector.

For news over the free sector you can follow this link (dutch language) - http://www.rijksoverheid.nl/nieuws/2014/11/18/liberalisatiegrens-vanaf-2016-bevroren.html

Investing in an energy label and a points count according to the NEN standard will help you to rent out your property quickly in the future.



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